About Policane® 

Learn about our incredible product which truly is the sugar the world needs.  

  • Healthy

    Refined sugar consumption is fueling a major health crisis in the United States and worldwide. Sugarcane juice in its most natural form has numerous health benefits and is a major source of iron, manganese, vitamins B1, B2 and B3 and antioxidants. Until now, the modern refining process strips the natural health benefits from your table sugar. Our patents allow us to deliver to you a healthier more nutritious sugar, with a lower glycemic index. See our Science Nerd link below if you want to take a deep dive into our special process and to learn about an amazing thing called a “policosanol."

  • Tastes Amazing

    Policane is simply delicious. You will taste the difference our unique patents make. Its flavor and taste are more sophisticated and complex than refined sugar. You will experience an opulent, bright taste with a velvety texture. Policane dissolves easily and is perfect for coffee, baking and cooking. 

  • Non-GMO & Kosher

    Policane is produced without any genetically engineered organisms whatsoever. Our product is produced from natural sugarcane, one of nature’s amazing wonders. Policane is also Kosher, which means its processing is subject to the rigors of unannounced Kosher inspections to ensure its Kosher quality. 

  • Small Company, Big Product

    Policane is a small family-controlled business with a focus on one thing – bringing the world a healthier, more nutritious sugar. You already know that refined sugar is found in almost every food product we eat. But did you know that sugarcane juice is packed with nutrition? Jorge Gonzalez has dedicated his life, and secured the patents, to deliver a more nutritious sugar to the world. Read “Our Story” to understand how one person really can make a difference in the health of billions of people. 

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